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Building-cleaning services are essential for making the workplace a more productive, pleasant, and comfortable place to work in. Every commercial building in Singapore experiences high foot traffic and countless people flow in and out of them regularly.

Hospitals are places frequented by the sick, generating and accumulating a plethora of germs and viruses in the process. Furthermore, the frequent use of machines, gadgets, and equipment produce a lot of dust and rust over time.

Restaurants handle food and beverages on a daily basis. A lapse of maintaining a high standard of hygiene may attract flies, rodents, and unwanted pests. Dusting, cleaning, mopping, washing, and disposing of waste promptly can prevent diseases from spreading easily in these places.

There are many reasons to have an office building cleaned professionally. For a building owner or property manager in Singapore, providing a healthy environment will keep your current tenants happy and healthy. Moreover, it can also attract new tenants to take up spaces in the future. To aid in their decision, most companies seeking potential office spaces will first look towards the existing companies that occupy the buildings. Hence, having our company clean your space allows you to keep a peace of mind.

Comprehensive Commercial Building Cleaning Singapore

At Feesiko, we deliver comprehensive, fully integrated commercial and office building cleaning services across Singapore. We collaborate with building owners, property managers, tenants, and ensure that we maintain multi-unit facilities at their best. Additionally, our janitorial solutions and porters can serve buildings of any size or operation, from large commercial office towers to high rises, plazas, malls, and multi-tenant properties.

To boot, our cleaning company provides scalable and flexible cleaning plans to suit the unique needs of your building – we are at your service 24/7 round the clock, 365 days a year, whether it is during operating hours, after hours, or a combination of both. Above all, we will always guarantee your property is kept spick and span, to ensure that your tenants are kept happy and healthy.

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