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Engaging a carpet cleaning service provider entails daily maintenance and routine professional cleanings that ensure cleanliness and healthiness of your family. Because a dirty carpet is not just unsightly – it also becomes a health hazard for you and your loved ones around you. Moreover, carpets and rugs can store allergens that will affect the health of you and your family. Dirt, pollen, and pet hair can all be trapped in a carpet and you can send these allergens airborne each time you walk on them.

Sometimes it is feasible to handle the carpet cleaning job by yourself. However, for a more thorough cleaning of your entire carpet’s surface, it is highly recommended to hire a professional. Feesiko, a professional carpet cleaning service in Singapore, will ensure a detailed deep cleansing to eliminate all possible allergens and odors that reside in your carpet.

Even the most worn-out tiles, carpets, furniture, rugs and floors can be restored, but you need the right tools for the right job. Feesiko possesses these tools, and therefore offers extensive home and commercial carpet cleaning services in Singapore. We are proud to clean a variety of surfaces to bring back the luster of your interiors. Not only will your space shine, but it will also be a conducive and inviting place for you and your visitors. Call Feesiko today for your carpet cleaning service.

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Is your carpet in dire need of attention? Does your carpet have a stain, or looks worn down and matted? Don’t waste the weekend scrubbing those stains out with a store bought carpet cleaner. Let us show you how we do it. Contact us for an estimate today!

Commercial building cleaning Singapore
Commercial building cleaning Singapore

Deep Carpet Cleaning Singapore

Feesiko’s carpet cleaning service experts use a two-step deep-cleaning process using one of the most powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning systems available. Firstly, a carpet-care specialist sprays a special heated carpet cleaning shampoo into the carpet fibers to loosen deeply embedded dirt. Then, during the rinse and extraction step, the specialist removes the leftover cleaning shampoo and much of the moisture–leaving your carpet clean, soft and fresh smelling.

Sometimes, your pet’s accidents can make your house smell unpleasant. Fear not, our team will inspect the carpet and identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation on the situation, as well as the expected results. Our carpet cleaning process uses enzymes to neutralize the source of odors, effectively eliminating any unsavory scents.

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Cleanliness is beneficial beyond visual purposes. You should maintain your space to protect your health and the health of others. When we clean your floors, tiles, rugs, and furniture, we’re ridding your space of germs and allergens. And we’ll do it all without cleaning out your wallet. Call Feesiko today to speak with our experts.

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