Office Cleaning

Professional cleaning services Singapore

Office Cleaning Singapore

Feesiko provides office cleaning services to business buildings, and office facilities. Our services come equipped with all the necessary tools and skills to achieve a flawless cleaning experience. We ensure that your employees can focus on their duties while they leave the cleaning in our professional hands.

Our professional office cleaning services include daily office upkeep, individual desk, cubicle and workstation cleaning. We cover trash & recyclables removal, restroom cleaning, sanitisation, pantry cleaning and disinfecting, carpet and rug vacuuming, hard-surface floor-sweeping, dust mopping, and wet mopping.

No matter if it is a 1500 sq ft office space or a 25000 sq ft call center, Feesiko offers office cleaning services in Singapore catering to all sizes. Our clients can request service on a frequency that fits their business needs – from one cleaning session per week to a full five days a week. Our cleaners can service your office at any time of the day to suit your operating times.

  • Work areas
  • Bathrooms
  • kitchen & Break areas
  • Lobbies, Boardrooms & Reception
Commercial building cleaning Singapore

Works Areas, Common Areas, Cubicles & Private Work Areas

Professional cleaning services Singapore


Professional cleaning services Singapore

Kitchen & Break Areas

Professional cleaning services Singapore

Lobbies, Boardrooms & Reception

Studies have shown that office cleanliness plays a vital role in productivity. Office desks contain more than 400 times the amount of germs compared to a bathroom toilet. These germs can contribute to your workers taking an average of seven sick days per year. However, you can decrease this number by hiring us for your office cleaning services today!

A clean, pleasant, and healthy environment is an essential consideration for a happy and productive workforce. Apart from that, it is also a vital parameter for determining job satisfaction. To ensure that your staff enjoys cleanliness in their office environment so that they can focus on your core business, a professional office cleaning service like one that we provide is a must. We will work with you to evaluate your requirements and customize our cleaning program to the specific concerns of your company or organization.

You strive to deliver the most value to your office. In this case, our cleaners will help you and deliver beyond expectations. We offer unique solutions suited to the individual needs of each client. No matter what your office cleaning needs may be, we can deliver a cleaning program that provides consistent, quality cleaning that enhances the value of your office building. In addition, we provide a range of services that includes executive office cleaning, construction clean up, floor maintenance, restoration, carpet, and upholstery cleaning.

We employ modern methods, using proven equipment and materials together with well-trained personnel to deliver the utmost in office cleaning services. Thus, we add value to our customers’ lives by making their office environment as clinically clean and conducive as possible.

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Enjoy Professional Office Cleaning Services In Singapore

We shape our office cleaning services to meet the demands of each customer. As previously stated, a refreshed and spotless environment helps keep the employees stay motivated and vigorous. Regardless of the layout or size of your office, Feesiko provides one of the best office cleaning solutions. Let us help you pick the best time for us to visit your space and restore it to your satisfaction. Around the clock 24/7, we’ll be there to do the job right. With years of experience in office cleaning, we are confident in assisting you as your executive office cleaners. For your daily and weekly cleaning needs, contact us today!

Professional cleaning services Singapore

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