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Commercial building cleaning Singapore Commercial building cleaning Singapore

Sanitising Service

In light of the critical Covid situation, we understand the dire need for proper hygiene and sanitisation. It may be in your home or your workplace. Nonetheless, maintaining cleanliness at all times can be a time-consuming process. Hiring a professional sanitizing service like Feesiko can ensure that your home or workspace is properly disinfected, saving you precious time. With robust safety protocols and years of experience, we provide both regular services and one-time deep cleaning services. Call us today to book your appointment or get a free quote for more value-added services for your home and workplace.

Removing Mould/ Preventing Mould Service

Mould can be a good indicator of changes happening to a property, such as damp ventilation problems. It takes less than 72 hours for mould to spread throughout your home and result in damages to your property. Apart from structural degradation, it also develops adverse health effects on your family. For example, mould exposure can cause throat, eye, and nose irritations. So, when mould begins to take root in your home, the first course of action is to neutralize the problem quickly and effectively.

Feesiko provides value-added services using advanced equipment and experience in dealing with mould mitigation to minimise damage and ensure safety for your family. Our team of experts will first identify the origin of your mold problem, the water source. Moving forward, they will work with you in the cleanup and restoration process while minimizing disruptions to your family as much as possible. Call our hotline number to get a quick response to your problem.

Commercial building cleaning Singapore Commercial building cleaning Singapore

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