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Are you interested in eco-friendly cleaning and painting options? Your green home cleaning provider and professional painting service is just one click away. Make an appointment today for a standard one-time cleaning, or a sleek wall painting for your house. Our professional and part-time cleaners will show up at your doorstep at a scheduled time.

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Feesiko represents the word “NATURAL” in Greek. Likewise, we strongly believe that a clean and fresh environment helps us to stay healthy, energetic and motivated. Our vision is to help the environment by using Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions, rather than harsh chemicals. To ensure you remain healthy by providing you with our natural and organic services, we utilize the safest organic cleaning solutions.

In addition, Feesiko strives to be the one-stop cleaning service provider, saving you from the hassle of making one too many phone calls with a series of cleaning service companies.

Professional cleaning services Singapore
Cleaning services Singapore
Cleaning services Singapore
Cleaning services Singapore

Painting Services

If you are looking for an experienced painting service to give your house a whole new look, Feesiko is a reliable company to check out. With nine years of experience, we provide authentic services to condominiums, stores, factories, HDBs, offices, and homes.
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Professional cleaning services Singapore
Office cleaning Singapore

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Professional cleaning services Singapore
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As a professional cleaning service in Singapore, we provide a wide range of cleaning services. This includes specialised cleaning, office cleaning, projects cleaning, event cleaning, building cleaning and commercial cleaning.  We offer the best services at a reasonable price.

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